i'll wrap my hands around your neck

so tight with love


K-Song Of The Day | Super Junior-It’s You

I will forever love this song. It’s you that starts off a bit mellow and then once it hits the chorus it’s a bit chaotic. The “It’s You” that keeps being chanted throughout the song makes it really addicting. This happens to be one of my favorite Super Junior songs to date.


How I met your father

Me: It all started with a random MV on youtube...

44 - 45/ 100 pictures of tiffany melting my heart

and you said you don’t want to be the 6th cutest vixx member….


- 福, 安, 愛


Happy Birthday Kim Himchan!! ♥

Inspired by x


  • Oh it’s what you do to me
    What you do to me.

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